all plans include →

  • 2 Full Mouth Exams per year
  • 2 Oral Cancer Screenings per year
  • 2 Sets of X-rays per year
  • 1 3D Image Scan (Cone Beam)
  • 2 Digital Intraoral Sessions per year
  • 2 Periodontal Screenings
  • 1 Emergency Exam per year
  • 2 Dental Cleanings per year
  • Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) Scan
  • Oral Health Take Home Kit



Welcome to all


$46/mo ($500/yr) per patient

Family (for family of 5)

6th family member & above FREE!
$37/mo ($400/yr) per family member


For those with Periodontal Disease


$73/mo ($800/yr) per patient
+ All necessary scaling and root planing appointments


Basic dōTERRA

Must be a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate


$37/mo ($400/yr) per patient

Family (for family of 5)

6th family member & above FREE!
$35/mo ($375/yr) per family member

Premium dōTERRA

Must be a dōTERRA Silver Rank+


$33/mo ($350/yr) per patient

Family (for family of 5)

6th family member & above FREE!
$31/mo ($325/yr) per patient

Pay-as-you-go Options

Pay for what you want, when you want. Fees are charged under our usual and customary fee schedule, you pay full price for a limited procedure. Perfect for the person that wants just one thing done at our office but doesn’t want to become a member.

Second Opinion Consultation: Free. Please bring any current x-rays or other diagnostic information if you have them available. Additional charges for diagnostic information, such as a complete exam, radiographs or cone beam, may be needed to determine outcomes.

Emergency Patient

After-hours emergency

$200 for Limited focus exam, radiograph, and diagnostic services (A discount fee of $100 will be applied toward after-hours treatment if you decide to become a member)

Day time emergencies or screening

  • Limited focus exam $68
  • Radiographs $27
  • Bitewing $27


Photo is taken by patient and sent in or a live video consult for an “opinion” (definitive diagnosis cannot be confirmed in most cases without a physical, present exam)

$50 for exam paid ahead of time through Venmo, ApplePay, or virtual invoice


All treatment is based on our usual and customary fee schedule
Most after-hours treatment is a result of extreme oral pain or trauma.

Treatments may include*

  • Extractions for infected teeth
  • Start of root canal procedures
  • Filling placement
  • Crown placement or cosmetic repairs

*fees can only be determined after exam, but can range from $150-$1,500

Affordable Membership Plans

A fresh approach.

Aren’t you tired of the current way dental care is delivered? It’s just TOO expensive and an insurance company limits me in everything I need or want to have done. Don’t you feel that the medical/dental industry isn’t curing disease, but masking symptoms with drugs and toxic chemicals? Aren’t you weary of being referred to expensive specialists for everything you need to have done just because your dentist doesn’t have the skills, expertise, or technology to deliver the highest quality comprehensive care? Search no further! We offer a new and fresh approach to all these old ways.

Dental membership powered by BoomCloud®

At the Essential Dentist we are committed to making your dental care affordable and within reach. At THE ēSSENTIAL DENTIST, we don’t participate in traditional dental insurance plans, which means you pay less for your care. You and your family will get maximum care for a fraction of the cost you would pay for traditional dental insurance. Pay differently with our low-cost membership program.

Why are we different?

  • Dental membership plan that gives you and your family all the care needed for regular checkups to keep your oral health on track.
  • In House Insurance Replacement Plan (not procedure based) that will drop your dental care costs to more than half of what you would pay at a regular dental office under insurance plans.
  • No limit to the amount of treatment you can receive in a given year with the same incredible low prices unlike restrictive insurance plans.
  • The most advanced technology and latest dental procedures delivered to you in one place. THE ēSSENTIAL DENTIST brings all facets of dental treatment to you in one place with amazing state of the are technology to make your dental care quick, painless, durable/long lasting, and beautiful.
  • Dr. Richard P. Anderson and the team at THE ēSSENTIAL DENTIST combine the latest dental procedures and technology with essential oils for a holistic, total body wellness approach to your health.
  • Total body health is our goal. Realizing that the oral cavity is the entryway to a person’s entire body system, we want to focus on much more than traditional dental treatments. Our approach is aimed at providing you and your family with the absolute best health care. With our essential oil based total body care and alternative support methods, we will keep your mouth healthy and your body well.